What Are Female Soldiers Doing in Military?

These days, female soldiers are a rarity in the US Army. Women served in ground combat units in World War II and Korea. But as the Korean War ended, and with the repeal of the draft, the United States Army removed female soldiers from all ground combat units.

Ground Combat

Today, the only women who serve in ground combat units are those serving in Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and Air Force Special Tactics. The only way a woman can be assigned to a ground combat unit is if her unit does not already have enough women, or if she is not a member of an infantry unit.

Some women serve in airborne units like the Russian female snipers, or the Chinese JTF officers. They may also serve in remote reconnaissance, or low-level ground attack combat.


Many women have said that serving in the front lines gives them a greater appreciation for what they are fighting for and how important it is to stay alive. Others have never felt that before, and serve their entire lives without ever having to put their lives in danger of being wounded.

Another benefit of serving in a front line combat position is the fact that the enemy soldiers are rarely able to hit a woman. Because they are so physically fit, they often times cannot hit a woman, and often times cannot hit a woman in general. In contrast, they may be shot by a man who is completely unfit or shot at close range.

Low-level assault troops, like the Navy SEALs, often spend their lives under fire and never get to see a female target. This can be both frightening and liberating at the same time.

great success

There are many women in the military today who have achieved great success in combat, despite being in a different combat unit. While there is not a universal consensus about women serving in all combat positions, the general consensus among the military professionals is that women should never be sent into the front lines. For some women, that is not even an option.


If you have an opinion about female soldiers, do not be afraid to voice it. Your opinion does not have to change the military’s policy. Many men and women in the military are fighting for freedom, and the world as we know it, so let them continue to fight for us.

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