How Much is Workers’ Compensation Worth?

If you’re a hard worker, it is normal that you not only want to be well-compensated for all the work you’re putting into another person’s business, but that you also wish to be protected in case of an accident.

Now, that is why workers’ compensation exists. It protects you in case you suffer an accident while on the job, and you sustain an injury that means you’ll have to miss out on a couple of days or weeks of work.

But, how much is work comp actually worth? How many payments will you end up receiving because of workers’ comps?

Well, let’s first see what are the types of payments you can expect to receive because of work comp, and then provide you with the tools to potentially calculate your own workers’ compensation.

You can receive medical benefits

Workers’ compensation ensures that all your medical bills are taken care of and that the only thing you need to worry about is getting better as quickly as possible. Worrying about medical bills would only prolong the process.

So, work comp will take care of all the costs of each and every one of your visits to the doctor, as well as all the hospital expenses that might arise. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about the supplies you might need, such as medication or orthopedics. 

You can receive partial disability benefits

If you’ve suffered an injury that has caused you to become partially disabled, there are partial disability benefits you are eligible for, even in case you can go back to work doing light assignments. 

These benefits for partial disability will mostly depend on the salary you had prior to your injury, and will be calculated based on that salary. Work comp truly does protect you. 

You can receive total disability benefits

If you, unfortunately, become completely unable to work, workers’ compensation steps in and makes sure that you have something to fall back on in these hard times. This means you are able to receive a portion of your wages. 

Again, total disability benefits also depend on the paycheck you used to receive prior to sustaining an injury, with the maximum possible amount being $1,081 a week.

You can receive specific loss benefits

If a worker suffers an injury that involves an amputation, loss of a body part, including feet, ears, eyes, and hands, or any other kind of physical disfigurement, that worker is eligible for specific loss benefit.

This kind of payment is ensured by workers’ compensation and includes a payment in the form of a single lump sum. This type of payment depends on both the previous salary and the severity of the physical injury.

You can receive compensation for scarring

Depending on the location of the scar, you can be deemed eligible to receive monetary compensation for it, if it happened while you were hard at work. 

Sometimes, you’re eligible for compensation even if the scarring occurred while you were receiving medical treatment for a workplace-related injury. 

The usual locations of the scar that allow a worker to claim benefits is the head, the face, and the neck. Other than that, you might need help from a workers’ compensation lawyer. 

Your family can receive death benefits…

If the unthinkable happens, workers’ compensation is still able to help the victim’s immediate family. If a workplace injury ends up leading to the workers death, that worker’s surviving family members are eligible for death payment. 

However, the family must be dependent on the deceased individual’s income for support in order to be eligible for compensation in case of a deadly outcome. 

How do I calculate my workers’ compensation rate?

As we’ve already said, the maximum weekly compensation is $1,081. However, there’s some maths involved if you want to calculate how much your weekly work comp would be in case of workplace injury.

  • If your average wage is between $810.76 and $1,621.50, then your weekly compensation rate is 66 and ⅔ percent.
  • If your weekly wage is between $600.56 and $810.75, your weekly rate is $540.50.
  • Finally, if your weekly average is below $600.55, your workers’ compensation rate is 90 percent

However, as these matters might get complicated, it’s normal if you need even more information on how to calculate your potential weekly workers’ compensation. Follow this link and learn more.